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Python Introduction

An brief introduction targeted at first time users of Python who do not have programming experience.

This course is an introduction to Python and programming aimed at students working in Finance and Economics. The course is designed to be taught using the Jupyter notebooks that are in the course GitHub repository and are linked below. The complete course is available for download as a pdf.


The introduction is available on Github. If you are happy to use git, you can download everything using git, or for even fork the repo and save your progress to your own fork.

Self-paced Study

This course is intended as an alternative to the MATLAB introduction and so is self-paced. Each of the lessons is covered in one or more videos that are available in a YouTube channel.

Note: The video content is a work-in-progress and should be completed by mid-October 2019.


Downloading: Right-click and select Download to save the notebook files to your computer.

Data and Supporting Files