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Lesson 21

Graphics: Line Plots

This lesson covers:

  • Basic plotting
  • Subplots
  • Histograms
  • Scatter Plots

Plotting in notebooks requires using a magic command, which starts with %, to initialize the plotting backend.

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# Setup
%matplotlib inline

Begin by loading the data in hf.h5. This data set contains high-frequency price data for IBM and MSFT on a single day stored as two Series. IBM is stored as "IBM" in the HDF file, and MSFT is stored as "MSFT.

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Problem: Basic Plotting

  1. Plot the ibm series which contains the price of IBM.
  2. Add a title and label the axes.
  3. Add markers and remove the line.
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In [ ]:
In [ ]:

Problem: Subplot

Create a 2 by 1 subplot with the price of IBM in the top subplot and the price of MSFT in the bottom subplot.

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Problem: Plot with Dates

Use matplotlib to directly plot ibm against its index. This is a repeat of a previous plot but shows how to use the plot command directly.

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Exercise: Change seaborn

Produce a line plot of MSFT's price using seaborn's "whitegrid" style.

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Exercise: HLOC plot

Use the HLOC data to produce a plot of MSFT's 5 minute HLOC where the there are no lines, high is demarcated using a green triangle, low is demarcated using a red downward pointing triangle, open is demarcated using a light grey leftward facing triangle and close is demarcated using a right facing triangle.

Note Get the axes from the first, plot, and reuse this when plotting the other series.

In [ ]:
# Setup: Load data and create values
import pandas as pd

msft = pd.read_hdf("data/hf.h5", "MSFT")
msft_5min = msft.resample("300S")
high = msft_5min.max()
low = msft_5min.min()
open = msft_5min.first()
close = msft_5min.last()
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