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Running Notebooks

Installing the required package to run most notebook code

Installing the MFE package

The mfe package is one I use to prepare the slides. It is not polished, but I am happy to share it so that you can install it on your computer. This is not a requirement, but is necessary if you want to run the notebook code I have shared.

  1. Download the MFE package to your computer and make note of the download location.
  2. Install the package using pip. You can do this inside IPython or Jupyter by entering the command
%pip install <full-path-to>/mfe-1.0.tag.gz

<full-path-to> should be the path to the gzip. Windows users should usually place mfe-1.0.tag.gz in the same directory as the Jupyter notebook so that the package can be installed using

%pip install mfe-1.0.tag.gz