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Mobissimo: Hands down the best airfare search engine. Think Google but for airfares.
Spamcop: Offers server blacklist filtered email for $30/year.  Automagically deletes 100 spam e-mail messages per day for me.
Popfile: Free Perl based Bayesian spam filter you can install on your computer. Gets any spam which slip through my Spamcop account.
Cloudmark Not free but good plug-in for Outlook and Outlook Express for spam filtering. Uses a combination of techniques including bayesian and comunity resorting to determine probability of spam.
Filezilla: Good free FTP/SFTP/SCP client. Does it pretty much all, save FXP.
Firefox: Good free browser. Offers nice features in a fairly compact package.
">µTorrent</p></td> Best Bittorrent client.
">Azureus</p></td> 2nd Best Bittorrent client, with more features than µ.